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Nov 10, 2014

The Championship Game

Mostly I hate championship games.

When I was younger I was super competitive and winning was everything, but as I've gotten older, I've mellowed quite a bit. Not completely though.

Last Saturday Sport's football team played in the championship game. They had won 10 straight games and they had already beaten the team they were playing. He was nervous and understandably so. He and his team had worked so hard for this moment and even though the championship wasn't all that important to me, it was to him. And for that reason, I wanted his team to win.

The game started all the way across the valley at 9:00 am, but they had to be there at 8:00 for warmups which meant we climbed into the van just after 7:00. It was a beautiful day for football! I took a nap in the van until just before the game started.

The game itself was brutal with each team fighting for field position. At one point our quarterback was crying on the sidelines and they brought in the medical team to make sure his arm wasn't broken. It wasn't. Two plays later he was back in the game. I heard his dad tell him to suck it up and that his team needed him.

These boys are 11 years old.

By the final second, the score was still tied, 0 - 0, and that meant overtime.

Riverton went first and our boys managed to stop them on all four plays. Then Bingham advanced it to the 6" line, but the officials said one of the boys moved and we were given a 5-yard penalty. The first overtime passed without a score. So did the second overtime.

Riverton went first again in the 3rd overtime and they managed to push it over the line. Our boys stopped the extra point, but the damage was done and even though they were given the opportunity to score, it didn't happen and the trophies and bragging rights went to Riverton this time.

The boys were crushed, of course. Such a devastating loss! The coaches called it a win and said it was taken from us by the bad call from the official. But that didn't change the score. And on that day, it didn't matter. Every boy shed a tear or two, even my big strong center. The giant donuts didn't earn a smile. Their football dreams of being champions were crashing around them. 

It's only a game! My heart cried to my son, but his was broken.

And he's only 11 years old.

That's why I hate championship games.


LeAnn said...

I have so been there at games like this with my children and grandchildren. There are lessons learned from defeat; but I don't like them anyway.
Blessings and hugs for him!

Kimberly said...

I think that losing is an unfortunate part of life. We can't be the best at everything but we try to be the best that we can.
Winning or losing, those 11 years old accomplished so much. Think of all the hard work that went into getting to the championships. That's amazing. And yes, they're 11 and don't see it that way and yes, it is absolutely heartbreaking to see them so crushed.
My son is 6 and parents are cookoo when it comes to hockey. Like whoa.

Twingle Mommy said...

Wow, three overtimes that is intense for any age let alone for 11 year old boys. It's tough watching our kids go through disappointments but it's a necessary part of life. They have to learn how to win and lose. But that doesn't make this mama like it when they lose anymore. My heart just breaks for my kids in these situations.

Shell said...

So much stress for one game! And it easily could have gone either way.


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