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Nov 25, 2014

High School Musical

I know the weeks right before Thanksgiving are traditionally devoted to the musicals at the area high schools, but having Prima Donna and Curly in Peter Pan at Bingham the same time the Drama Queen's musical was running in Nephi made it difficult to support both shows, but we managed.

We left today about 4:30 and after two quick stops, one for a potty break and one to pick up the last of the wedding fabric, we landed in Nephi at 6:40. Drama Queen had already secured our tickets, so we only needed to give her a hug and find our seats before the curtains opened. We had a full van, with Bossy in the driver's seat since my sweetie had to work and her kids and a bunch of mine and Grandpa.

The Drama Queen was so excited to direct High School Musical patterned after the Disney version. It was a small venue, but very well done for a small-town school. My favorite character was Mrs. Darbus. She did a better job than the woman on the movie! The leads had beautiful voices and the dancing was fun and upbeat.

Thanks for doing all the driving, Bossy.
My amazing daughter does such a great job with kids! I'm a little sad to think that this was the last musical we will see her direct in Nephi. She is planning to move home for a few months before she serves a mission for our church.

So proud of you, Drama Queen! You did an awesome job!

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LeAnn said...

I think it is so incredible that you have such talented children. You have provided for them so great experiences. I love that she is going on a mission.
Blessings for all and have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with your awesome family.


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