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Nov 19, 2014

Crazy Busy Days

My brain is kind of mush tonight. I'm not really sure why other than it seems to be stuffed full of way too much crap.Did you ever read the Harry Potter series? Remember when Dumbledore pulls thoughts and memories from his brain and put them somewhere else? I think that thing is called a pensieve, but I'm sure Teach will straighten me out if I'm wrong. Anyway, I need one of those. Then maybe I wouldn't forget things.

Although the way my brain works, I'd likely still be as jumbled as ever.

I went to Tupperware training tonight. I won the turkey dinner for having the most sales in a 2-week period in our group. The kids thought it was pretty cool. Baby Doll and I also spent a good part of the afternoon shopping for Thanksgiving and trying to get a jump on things. It doesn't look like turkeys are going to get especially cheap this year although we did stock up on butter and whipped cream. This is definitely the best time of year to buy those things!

I've got my Activity Girls coming over on Thursday to make mini pumpkin pies. I don't really love cooking, so I'm not sure why I keep centering my meetings around that sort of thing. I won't even have Princess to help me because she has a Cupcake Club meeting.

Prima Donna and Curly have a couple of days off from the play and then performances start up again on Friday. Curly for sure can use a break. It was after 10:30 when he got in last night and he fell asleep on the couch immediately, still in his stage makeup. When he got up this morning I sent him back to bed for a couple of hours. It won't hurt him to miss a little bit of 1st grade and he was so tired. When he got up I had him shower and put on clean clothes so he no longer looked like a "lost boy" and I dropped him off at school about 10:30. The office staff was totally fine with it. He just really needed a break.

I talked briefly with Drama Queen today. Her musical starts on Thursday and she is working hard to make it successful. They are doing High School Musical and the kids are so excited to see it on Monday! I'll let you know how it goes.

I'd better head off to bed now. Tomorrow is another crazy, busy day.

And I'm NOT Dumbledore.


Anonymous said...

Farmers are not raising turkeys like they used to raise them and in Utah the Norbest company stated they are keeping costs down but I think at $1.19 a pound for a big ole Norbest turkey is pretty expensive, so good you won that turkey meal..Here prices are soaring and frozen turkey is free if you spend a $150.00 at the various grocery stores, with the size of your family that would be great but it is just my hubs and myself...I cook and roast and bake the week ahead for the pantry that serves the turkey dinners for people who work like crazy and pay their bills and they still have little money for their families, so I do what I can, I got a turkey given to me so I got all the fixins for a family that could use it the celery and dressing preps were inexpensive but the rest of the meal was not too reasonable finally I threw my arms up and shouted out the Lord and found a place that lets a person get 50 pounds of spuds in a big box for only $5.00 and cranberry in sacks for only a $1.00 and butter for a buck & bread fresh for only .50 cents the Lord certainly answer prayers as this couple hasn't any food and a new baby and no familia near or far..I feel for them, are we not brothers and sisters in the Lord..Happy thanksgiving day, congrats upon the engagement of your son, how wonderful they will marry and have a nice place to live and have their Mom and Dad and most importantly a deep and abiding faith it is because of you and your husbands efforts, you truly love and care about your children and have instilled into their lives and souls the love of God and their faith..ciao!

Anonymous said...

Oh, some philanthropist in this county is giving away 500 turkeys and the fixins at a food bank place, Praise to the Lord for his happiness in the Lord Almighty, this man has done it for many years, he went to the newspaper and said I will giveaway in the Lord's name turkey meals, first come first serve, the community is estatic and I am thrilled too, I have prayed for someone to step up the challenge of hunger in this community I have lived for 36 years! We are our brothers and sisters keepers I have always thought that..May your days be bright don't worry about doing everything, the Lord will guide you get some sleep and take it easy..ciao!

Marci said...

I totally want a penseive! I would love to empty some of my thoughts into it so I could focus better on the things I really need to be focusing on.

I did just do an exercise though where I wrote down on a piece of paper all the things that were in my mind-projects that needed to be done, places I need to be, etc and found that just by writing them down it helped clear my mind a little bit. Then I picked the few I wanted to work on and found that it was so much easier to focus. I refer back to that big long master list and am making my way through it!

LeAnn said...

I do hope you got a goodnight's sleep you busy girl. I just marvel at all that you do. I am always telling you how amazing you are and you are.
I especially love all the many diverse things your children do; it is so awesome.
Blessings for more energy for you!!

Marci said...

How wonderful that you help prepare a great meal for those in need in your community! Blessings to you for your service! The world needs more kind people like you who are willing to help their neighbors!


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