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Nov 26, 2014

A Different Pinewood Derby

Tonight was the Pinewood Derby. I think I told you my sweetie was released from his Cubmaster position after nearly 4 years a couple of months ago. He was immediately pulled into the Young Men's presidency, but the Dog Walker is the Assistant Cubmaster, so we are still supporting the pack.

Tonight was Pinewood Derby, but it was totally different for us this time. Sport brought a car over to race in Open Class, but now that he is no longer a Cub Scout, he didn't bother to make a new one. Nor did any of our other kids. My sweetie has been working ridiculous hours, but he took off tonight so he could help the Dog Walker line up the heats for the cars.

It was great to see them working together as a team again. The Dog Walker just loves being in charge and even though there is a new Cubmaster, he is content to let the Dog Walker run things. When we were finished with awards, my sweetie presented each family with a Down and Derby DVD we had gotten for them at the Scouting Expo. They were so excited to watch this fun movie about a few dads that get totally out of control when building their cars... I mean their boys' cars.

It was also the first time I embroidered 12 winners hats and none of them came back home with us. Yes, it was definitely a different sort of derby for us, but good, very good. :)

1 comment:

Stacie said...

Looked like even though it was different it was still a good time.


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