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Nov 18, 2014

Moving Right Along

150 Shower Invitations
Things are moving right along here. I got the shower invitations made and they are ready to mail and deliver tomorrow. I also picked up the last of the ties from Mr. Mac and the quilt batting from JoAnn's. I got all the squares for the quilts ready on Saturday, but now I need a sewing day to get things together.

I can't believe how quickly the days are speeding by! I'm only a week away from Pinewood Derby and Thanksgiving now too. Not to mention the shower that is on for Black Friday.

When I look at the big picture, it terrifies me a little, but if I just pull my focus to what needs to be accomplished today, it seems much more doable. We took the kids to see Peter Pan for FHE tonight. Prima Donna and Curly did a great job! I had to keep pointing out which one Prima Donna was to the Dog Walker. Honestly, she makes a great pirate! She looks like a man... Maybe it has something to do with that fake beard.

Tomorrow is another full day and I will just squeeze the wedding prep in the cracks. It will all work.

It has to, right?

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

You are amazing and I know you will get it all done; but do rest a little.
Blessings for you!


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