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Nov 15, 2014

Scout's Visit From Minnie Mouse

Today was Scout's birthday party with her friends. I worked and stressed about it for a couple of weeks. It all started when Princess decided to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween. She looked so cute in her little costume. Then a week later she made Minnie Mouse cupcakes for a friend's birthday. And a plan was born.

I have to admit to going a little over the top. I made flannel drawstring bags for the treats and I spent way too much time cutting felt and making bows for the Minnie ears each girl would be making.

You already saw my poster we had to redo and the girls enjoyed coloring and then wearing the blindfold while they placed all of their bows. Then we had Princess enter in her Minnie costume. The girls loved it! She read them a Mickey and Friends story and then she presented Scout with a large stuffed Minnie and the story book.

After gifts we sang Happy Birthday and then the girls drank milk and ate Minnie Mouse cupcakes. The Dog Walker put on a movie for the last 15 minutes and some of the girls opted to go in the yard. Everyone seemed to have fun. We had 15 kids here besides my own so it was a little hectic, just like the rest of my life.

I think next year we will forgo a theme and simplify. I can do that without saying "No!" Right?

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Oh my dear I don't know how you can say no. I love how you do such spectacular parties for you children.
You are a blessings for sure for your sweet family.


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