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Nov 21, 2014

Making Pies

OK, I admit it.

The idea of making pies with a big group of 8 through 11-year-old girls terrified me a little! But I shouldn't have worried. These girls are awesome. Some of the older ones are just so helpful and kind to the younger girls in the group, and working together, we managed to make all 12 girls one of these cute little pumpkin pies.

They were a bit disappointed when I told them they would have to leave them with me and I would bring them around in about half an hour when they had cooled a bit. I didn't want anyone getting burned on the ride home.

I had a little taste of Scout's and they did a terrific job! It was a nice bite of next week's festivities. Are y'all excited to eat turkey?! (Teach would be so proud...)


Marci said...

Those little pies look great! I may have to make some of those. I am also proud of your use of y'all!

LeAnn said...

I can't imagine doing pies with this age of girls; but they look great and I think it is a perfect time for them to learn because they like to learn.
Blessings for all you do!


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