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Nov 11, 2014

Name Change

I started my blog in 2011, almost 4 years ago now. I've blogged on all sorts of things, but today I'm going to do something I have never done before. I'm going to make a change to a blog name.

When Bossy and I sat down together on that dreary January day and came up with names for everyone, we tried to choose names that suited their personalities and interests. At the time, no one said anything about disliking their given name. It has only been for the last month or so that I knew the Gym Rat felt like his name was a bit degrading. When I probed further, he admitted that Gym Rat had a negative connotation.

I was a bit devastated.

I'm not sure why he didn't tell me before. We could have changed it long ago, but he is not the sort to want to stir up contention. And although it's not official yet, I have a second reason for changing his name. The Gym Rat has decided to ask his sweetheart to marry him! Next month!

We are madly making plans and today we bought him a new suit and the ties for the guys. There is SOO much to do! At least it is all fun and exciting.

So I asked my son what name he wanted to choose for himself and his sweet bride. They kicked around a few ideas and finally settled on... drum roll please ...

Beauty and The Beast.

He really isn't a beast, but she is definitely a beauty, so we will officially from this day forth change his name from Gym Rat to The Beast and in about 7 short weeks, he will be married to his Beauty. Hopefully I can share an official proposal story with you sometime in the next few days.

We are all so excited for them!
In the meantime, I need to get myself a notebook...


Marci said...

AHHH! SO exciting! Congratulations to The Beast! As I started reading the post I was wondering if he was thinking he was the beauty or if he was the beast! What a fun way to announce to us that he's getting married! Can't wait to hear a proposal story, and to see wedding pictures later!!!

LeAnn said...

Congratulations on their impending marriage. I like the new names. I really am smiling on this one. A wedding in a month is daunting but dutiable. You will be in my prayers.
Blessings for you all!

Natalie Ockey said...



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