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Nov 5, 2014

Guest Blog: Real Missionary Work by Elder Dog Walker

I wanted to quickly say that the mission is still going good. Today has happened that would be the first time I've done for my Church Service Mission. I've been asked by our next door neighbor to help out with a couple of full-time missionaries at a few houses around our town. The elders thought it was great that I'd help them a little with their services with a couple of neighbors in town. I even convinced them that we meet the Lady Next Door of my house. Sister Lady-Next-Door said that she believes that there is a God and she also believes that the Book of Mormon is true, it's just that, she feels a little inactive, because she couldn't understand how the Church was organized or how it was restored by Joseph Smith Jr. She said that almost her entire family is very religious, even her father does Temple Work at the Manti Temple. The Elders and I thought that Sister Lady-Next-Door has been nice and that we should pray for her so that she can understand that the Church is true and to know how it was organized and restored. I felt that it was easy to start preaching the gospel to a few families around town and it made me feel like I was really on a Full-Time Mission. I hope that the mission has gone very good. I turned 21 today on my birthday. Even through my mission, things are going very well, as long as I'm homework-wise and know what I'm doing.


Denise said...

Bless you.

Marci said...

That is great! I remembered it was your birthday too! I meant to email your mom and ask her to wish you a happy birthday but I totally forgot! Please forgive my lateness, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY Elder Dog Walker!

LeAnn said...

Happy Birthday to you dear Elder Dog Walker. I have enjoyed all of your posts on your mission. You have done some incredible things. I like that you are helping the missionaries and I hope through prayer your neighbor will gain that testimony of being active again.


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