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Mar 31, 2014

Random Pics

I know you are all excited to see some of my random pics from years past (that means I can't think of anything interesting to write about...) And hopefully it will give you some insight into our crazy life.

This first one is a trip we made to Lagoon in 2007. That cute little blondie in the red plane is Crafty. My kids love amusement parks like Lagoon. I've made many trips to Lagoon although it's pretty expensive for my family. When we make a trip now it is only because we are going for a company party and someone else is paying.

When I was a kid, my dad used to get tickets for Lagoon and the Hogle Zoo through the school district. We would go to both places on the same day if you can imagine that. We were certainly tired on the trip home!! When my sweetie worked for one of the companies in the valley, they used to pay for the entire family, lunch, and give away prizes at the Lagoon Company picnic. That was one of the perks I definitely missed when he changed jobs.

This second pic is of Scout's 1st birthday party. Can you believe she used to have that beautiful auburn hair? My sweetie's grandma was a redhead and he has a brother that has red hair so we always hoped one of the kids would inherit it, but Scout only had it for about 18 months and then her hair changed to blond. When the Gym Rat's beard comes in it is totally red even though he has light brown hair like most of the rest of us.

This last pic of the Dog Walker is a mystery to me. OK, not completely. I do know about the prism. When we first built our house, we decided that our rather large living room should be half formal dining room. (Now the whole thing is an informal dining room when all the kids come over...) So we put a beautiful chandelier in half of it with these prisms that hang all the way around it. The kids loved them! They loved to take them off the light fixture and walk around with them just like this pic. They would cast rainbows or just walk with them so they altered the vision of the floor.

The Dog Walker is clearly enjoying the prism. I have no idea about the colorful socks on his ears. Maybe it's because he's autistic. And maybe it's just because he got tired of listening to me talk. Or this one's a stretch...maybe his ears were just cold.

With the Dog Walker, it could be anything. If by chance he remembers, maybe he will post a comment and let us know.


Dog-Walker said...

I think the reason that I put those colored socks on my ears is probably because I wanted to try to be like a Who in Dr. Seuss books. Or maybe act like I've grow long ears! :)

Denise said...

Glad you shared.

LeAnn said...

This was a fun one and I loved all the thoughts and cute pictures.
Blessings and hugs!
I will be back in a couple of weeks.


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