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Mar 1, 2014

Karate Class

Burrito got serious air.

Remember last week when I was telling you about the Safety Fair? The one where Baby Doll got lost? Well, we did have a lot of fun there in spite of that huge scare.

One of the booths the kids visited was Bobby Lawrence Karate. They had a huge wheel for them to spin and they each won a prize. The only issue was that they actually had to go to the dojo to pick up their prizes AND attend a free class.

I set up the class for Friday since I knew we would be getting about 3000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies today. The kids complained the entire drive to the dojo which actually turned out to be pretty close to our house. They didn't want to do karate, they were afraid it might hurt, and all sorts of other negativity.

I just smiled. I'd been in this boat before. When we arrived at the studio, all the kids climbed out of the car and headed for the door. They were pretty impressed with what they saw inside. The instructor greeted them and presented them with their free prizes which turned out to be foam nunchucks. We waited for about 10 minutes for Bossy and her kids to show up before we got started.

It was a totally foreign environment for my kids. The instructor was kind but firm. He taught them about discipline and self-respect. Then he showed them how to do a sideways kick into the foam tower. The kids were feeling pretty awesome at that point! Bean Dip was already an orange belt, so he knew what he was doing, but the rest of them were mostly clueless.

But it wasn't long before they were all kicking like pros. They even learned the karate yell!

The last thing he had them do was break a board with their fabulous new kicks. Curly was first up and as he kicked it the third time, the instructor just snapped it with his hands, but Curly was thrilled because he thought he had done it himself. None of the other kids had any trouble.

When they were finished he had them come back to the mat and he presented each child with a white belt. They were so excited! As we drove home, karate was all they could talk about. But this time they all wanted to sign right up!

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