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Mar 10, 2014

Just Waiting

I'm hungry.

You know, it's funny, I wander around the house all the time about 2:00 AM and I don't eat anything. It's never a big deal. I think it's just because I know I can't eat anything that it bugs me tonight. The doc said nothing to eat after midnight. I can have clear liquids until 7:00 AM, but after that it will be nothing at all.

Which is why I'm still up. I figure it will be much easier than waiting around in the morning to drive over to the hospital if I can just sleep in a bit. Prima Donna was hanging out with me until just a little while ago, finishing up her homework and watching me make Princess's prom dress just a little more modest. I didn't want to have to try sewing with a bandage on my hand since it was mostly stuff I had to do with a needle and thread. I lined the sleeves which were sheer and put a small panel at the neck and one behind the lace up in the back. She will be much happier with it this way, although she loves it now.

We sat around after church and folded a huge pile of laundry during a movie. I think things like folding laundry will probably be hard for me for a few days, but I really don't know. That's the part that scares me the most, the fact that I don't know just how incapacitated I might be. In honor of that, I'm breaking my own rule. I'm publishing a selfie just for you! Please forgive the tired eyes, but it's pretty late here in Utah!

My life is always so full and active. I pack as much as I possibly can into every day. That's probably wrong, but I seem to mostly thrive on stress, so I tend to keep things moving here. I don't know how I will feel when I just have to sit by and watch everyone else doing things for me or without me.

I hope everything heals up quickly. I've already learned to type with a missing finger and I'm actually pretty good at it, so once the pain subsides a little, I'll update you on the surgery. I noticed the Dog Walker has already started two posts for you so he has plans to take care of me here if I'm not up to it, so please check back often and leave him some comments.  He loves your feedback!

Less than 10 hours now, so I guess I'd better get some rest. I know a little surgery on my finger is not a big deal

I keep telling myself that.

But why is it that for almost everything I do, I need my hands?


Denise said...

Praying for you dear. God will take gentle care of you. I love the picture, you are gorgeous.

Marci said...

Good luck! I'm looking forward to Dog Walker's posts, what a wonderful son to blog for you after surgery!

Marcy said...

Thoughts and prayers for you as you recover. You're an inspiration to many!

Shell said...

Good luck with your surgery!

BNM said...

good luck with your surgery!

LeAnn said...

I feel sad that you are having surgery. I do know what it is like to not be able to use your hands. You do need them for almost everything. I learned great lessons when I had a broken elbow and earlier a broken angle. It is time that you let others take care of you.
Blessings, prayers and hugs for you!

Sarah Cass said...

My thoughts are with you. Having just had surgery on my foot in December I know those feelings well. The ones of "I didn't know I needed my foot for that, too."

Good luck!


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