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Mar 19, 2014

More About Teach in Texas

Yesterday while we were having our FHE on Ireland, my phone buzzed. New text message. Now first let me confess that I don't have a smartphone. The little tiny pic that showed up on my screen was nearly impossible to see! So I ignored it and rejoined our festivities.

A short while later, another text showed up from an unknown area code. It said, "We love your sweet daughter. She's coming for dinner tomorrow. We are going to eat Pei Wei and can't wait." By this point I was a little creeped out. So I responded, "Which daughter? I have eight." After the third text said, "Wow!!! Well you're a lucky mom and an amazing mom too! XX." I felt like I should probably know who I was talking to so I asked straight out. "Who is this?"

At that she declared her name and that she was a member of a particular ward in Texas. And that ward happens to also have another member I knew very well, my missionary daughter, Teach! This sweet sister kindly sent me some cute pics, one is even a video, and kind words I so needed to hear yesterday.

She promised to give my girl a hug from me. Oh how I miss her!

It was pretty much a year ago today that we dropped her at the MTC.

I have more from Teach to share with you tomorrow. Even though she was nervous to move, she is loving her new area. And apparently she loves the food from Pei Wei too. Who knew!?


Denise Oldham said...

Very sweet.

Marci said...

That is so fun! We've reached out to the parents of one of the missionaries we've had here before and it was so fun to share pictures/stories and ask for favorite meals. I can't believe it's been a year already!!!

Anonymous said...

Your sweet daughter will be home soon in your arms..It will happen in a flash. Soon your finger will be healed and Teach will be home to be with you and her daddy and siblings..What an amazing journey for her faith she will have accomplished...She will let you know of her desires of the Lord, changed forever for your faith and the Lord..Keep your patience Sandy she will be home soon..I am praying you heal quickly and she gets home to her great Mom and great Dad and loving siblings..ciao God Bless you dailyXXX()()()()

LeAnn said...

We just sent our grandson off to the MTC yesterday. I am so excited for him. I love this sweet post. It is so cool to have a member or investigator send you a note or something like this. I loved it all.
Blessings for sharing this one.


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