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Mar 20, 2014

Letters from Teach in Texas

If you remember, Teach was just moved to a new area a week or so ago. She was nervous about the change because although she would be a senior companion, she would no longer be a STL or Sister Trainer Leader. But it appears that she has adjusted well and she is happy in her new place.

I love serving here. I feel like this area is a culmination of all of the various lessons and skills I have learned over the last year and they are all being tested and exercised in a wonderful way. I realized that the Lord has helped me to become a good missionary and that as I follow His Spirit I can be led where He needs me to be. Each day has been it's own missionary roller coaster. We have wonderful highs and lowly lows, but the Lord is right there with us. For example, the other night I was feeling that this area had busy missionaries but there wasn't really any focused direction in the area. There were people we weren't seeing and we kinda were circling around the same pool of potentials, investigators, and less actives. As we knelt in prayer for our planning session I pleaded for direction. We needed something to change so we could not merely maintain the status quo but progress.  Sister Ames would say it was a pure flow of intelligence. I knew immediately that I needed to look at the area map. I knew immediately that we needed to organize the Ultimate Source and Area Book and find where our people are. We had been wandering swiftly from place to place, but now because we have a clear direction on where we are and who is around us we are more open to the revelation the Lord is giving. I took time to pour over the ward directory. I don't know the people yet, but the Spirit can't draw from an empty well- so I filled it up. I learned these skills in Arlington and I feel so blessed to know them now. 

She has learned so much on her mission! It is amazing to see the growth.

When I was a new missionary serving in Chapel Creek I remember specifically needing to know and be ok with the fact that change in myself would occur. I needed to know that those I loved back home would be ok with this change. I needed to know how to make Teach and Sister Teach mesh together as a personable and real missionary. I prayed. I prayed very hard and I pleaded with the Lord for help. He answered my prayer and slowly overtime I have come to realize that I have been blessed with a gift to be myself with a calling as a missionary. Does that make sense? I was able to separate the world that was in me from the Godly that was in me and turn the Godly part of me into a missionary and still be myself. That is probably the most confusing concept to explain- but I know it's true.

 I am so proud of her and I know she is making a difference in the lives of the people in Texas. She is such a good person and I know that goodness just shines from her countenance and it draws people to her.
I love being a missionary. This is truly been some of the greatest time on my mission so far. I guess because it is simply so rewarding. I am seeing the change as the members feel the missionary spirit and I am watching as our investigator Marta changes. She is progressing and the difference is night and day! The Lord has blessed us with referrals from members and other areas. The work is progressing! This week each day I am studying a verse in D&C 4. Today is obviously verse 1 and I feel that the marvelous work is maybe no longer about to come forth but now it IS coming forth! It's a great day to be a missionary!


Denise Oldham said...

Glad you shared.

Anonymous said...

So good to hear your daughter is so on fire for the Lord and her mission, soon it will be all over and she is changed forever, how proud you must be for your daughter and your family, a glowing example of how to serve the Lord and your church! Hope your finger is healing and not in any pain..ciao & God's blessings alwaysX()


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