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Mar 16, 2014

No Hiding This One

I've been sitting her just waiting for Princess to get home from Prom. I was thinking to put up some pics and tell you all about it, but she promised that if I wait until tomorrow, she will write the post for me! Can't give up that!

Scout got an email from her new softball coach yesterday and the boys have baseball tryouts next Saturday. My sweetie and the boys planted beets and peas, lettuce and cabbage today. My life is about to get infinitely more busy and I have a stupid splint on my hand!! Even simple things like washing dishes and folding laundry are hard. But the worst thing is having to snatch my hand away from one of the kids trying to hold it. It just makes me feel so bad. And they don't mean to hurt me either. We just don't think. But even a casual touch or the fact that it is an inch or so longer than normal makes it easy to bump against something or catch it in the steering wheel when I drive.

I had no idea how many times a day I shake my hands, either to dry them off or toss something in the garbage can, but shaking it hurts too. OK, that's enough whining. But just look how silly this new wrap looks! Ridiculous, I know! There's no hiding this one.

Even random people at the store ask me what I did to my finger. I think I need to tell them something much more interesting than playing basketball.

Anybody got any ideas?


Natalie Ockey said...

I'd go with nose-picking accident.


Bossy said...

Your baby alligator was hungrier than you realized.

kristine barr said...

You got nicked by a sword in a sword fight?

Denise said...

It happened while wrestling a shark.

LeAnn said...

Nope I think basketball is a great reason.
That bandage makes it look like it is very painful. I do think when you have things like this happen it makes you realize how much you need all of your limbs. When I broke my ankle I couldn't get clothes on easily. I couldn't wear pants because of the cast. I then broke my elbow it was in sling for about weeks. I couldn't do my hair put on hose, get dressed and etc. It was awful. You do deserve a good whine.
Blessings and prayers for this to heal quickly.


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