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Mar 9, 2014

Guest Blogger: Scripture Mastery Poster by Elder Dog Walker

You all know that I'm a missionary and I have been serving for the last two months now. My sister Teach from her mission in Texas challenged me to read the entire Book of Mormon on my own before she returns home from her mission. She asked me if I had any challenges for her. I prayed about what I should challenge her on. Then it came to me. It said that I should challenge her to make scripture mastery posters. I sent her some examples that I made and I hope that it can help her to know what the scriptures say on the pictures.

I usually go to www.lds.org to find some good things to teach about for everyone who may not get the idea of how the scriptures make sense. I then find some good pictures on the Internet that may sound like they are part of the scriptures.

Book of Mormon: Enos 1: 4
Book of Mormon: Helaman 5: 12
I'll show you some examples to see what you think of them. I won't be able to show all of them to you, because it may take too long for you to figure out what the pictures have to do with the scriptures. And I had a feeling since Sister Teach has strict policies for her mission, I hope the scripture mastery posters I sent her are missionary appropriate. Otherwise, she may get in trouble by her mission president if they aren't being shown pictures that are LDS like.
Book of Mormon: Alma 41: 10

Book of Mormon: Alma 13: 12
Book of Mormon: Ether 12: 6
Book of Mormon: Mosiah 10: 12-18
I'm giving you a few scripture mastery posters I made and I hope that you can get the idea from them and enjoy them!


Denise said...

This post blessed me, thanks.

Marci said...

These are great scripture mastery posters! I'm going to see if I can come up with any!

LeAnn said...

I think this is a great challenge for your sister. I loved the posters and scriptures you blogged.
This is such a great idea.
Blessings for you on your mission!


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