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Mar 17, 2014

Guest Blog: My Junior Prom by Princess

Yesterday was my junior prom. I have gone to a couple of school dances but never something so big or fancy. I was fortunate enough to be asked by one of my good friends who somehow got named Prince (thanks to Prima Donna). He asked me way back on Valentine's day and by February 15 I had already purchased my dress online. I felt like Cinderella with her fairy godmother as my mom typed in the shipping information. I was just waiting for all my dreams to come true.

So you already heard about our day activity to see Les Mis which was super fun but it did have one downside. I had purposely left my Saturday open so I had nothing to do! I was too excited to be productive and too nervous to do anything too crazy. So I spent most of the day talking to my mom and working on my tumbling on the tramp. 
Finally it was time to get ready. Drama Queen curled my hair and everyone wanted to help me get ready (that's why my family is so cool). Prince showed up and we had the typical exchange of flowers (meaning my mom pinned on his boutineer so no one got hurt) and my dad took some pictures. 

We eventually made it out of the swarm of children and headed to Jaden's (Prince's friend) house. We were the first ones there so we sat in the car and just talked for a few minutes. The other couple showed up, but there was still no sign of Jaden. It was pretty awkward. Then Jaden's dad came out and decided to start taking pictures anyway. 

Eventually everyone showed up and Jaden's parents fed us an amazing dinner. I mean it, as a cook myself sometimes I am a little judgmental, but that stuff was good! I was a little nervous when I first realized our group would consist only of marching band kids. You all know I'm a dancer and last time I hung out with the band group I felt totally out of place. This time was different. 

Apparently my Prince had told these guys a lot about me (only mildly creepy) and they were all super sweet. I felt like a part of the group 100% of the time and that was a huge blessing.
We eventually made it to the dance and it was super fun. I saw so many of my friends and, I don't know, there's just something about being in a puffy dress that just makes you want to hug everyone.... The music was pretty good too which was a good thing. 
After the dance we headed back to Jaden's house and watched The Princess Bride. When we first started the movie we were all laughing and joking, but by the end I think everyone was just trying to keep their eyes open. Prince took me home just after 1:00 AM and I was glad he was the one driving. It must have been all the front handsprings that morning because I was just totally out there. 
I got home and my mom, Drama Queen, and Prima Donna were all up waiting up to hear about the big dance. We stayed up for another hour and a half talking and giggling about the most important night of my high school life. You know, the one where all my dreams really did come true.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had fun and that I could make your dreams come true!! The feelings are mutual! :) thanks for the wonderful night! -Prince

Denise said...

Sounds fun, and you were so beautiful. I love the dress.

LeAnn said...

This was just a lovely post by a very beautiful young woman. It brought back so sweet memories of my own proms and my three daughters. The pictures were awesome.
Blessings and thanks for sharing this sweet time.


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