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Mar 6, 2014

Delivering Cookies

I am SOO tired of delivering Girl Scout cookies!!

Except for Sunday, we have been out every day this week trying to catch people home and shrink the huge stack of boxes in my livingroom. We are slowly getting there.

I really wanted to get everything mostly delivered before my surgery on Monday. That's not going to happen! When I called the elementary school to see which teachers were off-track, we had more who were out than who were teaching. So I pulled all their cookies and put them in a big box for later.

Our troop started out with just over 3000 boxes on Saturday. We hauled them home on a trailer and then divided them out to all the girls. When they had all come by, we were still left with just over 1000 boxes to deliver. It's definitely a daunting task. But little by little we are down to just a couple hundred or so left.

Unfortunately they are mostly the hard ones, the family ones where we need to make a trip to Utah County, my doctor in Bountiful,  and others who are just never home! I have two boxes packed for delivery tomorrow. If I can get most of those done we will just have a handful of orders left.

I also have my tax appointment on Saturday and it's going to take a small miracle to get all my stuff together by then. Princess got her prom dress in the mail yesterday. It is so beautiful! But it does need a little work before she can wear it. It laces up the back like a corset, but there is no modesty panel underneath and she doesn't want any of her back showing like that. I figure that has to be done this weekend too because if will be much harder if one of my hands is all bandaged up! I could show you a pic of the dress, but her date doesn't want to see it until she is in it and I know he reads the blog so you will just have wait until next week.

Trust me, it will be worth it.


Denise said...

Looking forward to seeing it. I love girl scout cookies.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Mom of 12! You know me well! ;)

Natalie Ockey said...

I can't wait to see Princess's dress!


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