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Mar 30, 2014

Guest Blog: One Webelos Story by Bossy

Nothing to do with scouts, but I love this wedding pic of them!
Okay here is a story I want to share with you about Heavenly Father knowing and caring about each of his children personally.  Let me start by telling you this.  When Gamer and I were called to be Webelos leaders, I was disappointed.  I really wanted Gamer to be Cubmaster like my dad.  But as soon as I saw the role, I knew why we were called.  One of the boys on the list I didn't like at all.  K... was always bullying Burrito and I didn't have a very high opinion of him.  I thought he lived with his grandma, but it is his mom.  She had him really late in life and then she was divorced so his entire life he has been raised by a single working mom.  Okay enough background.

When Gamer and I were called, I didn't know where to start.  There was a lot of confusion with the blending of the wards and to this date I still don't know what the 5th ward boys earned prior to us being leaders.  So Gamer and I sat down one night and prayed and wrote our introductory letter and schedule.  We had no idea what would be review or not for these boys.  I expected K.... would be super behind in his Faith in God and religious requirements and as we decided that we had to do whatever we could as though K.... didn't have any support at home to help him. 
I don't know how much you know about Webelos, but the LDS church takes an 18-month program and crams it into 12 months so the boys can be 11-year-old scouts.  It makes it super intense and we have to basically pass off 2 activity pins a month in order to do everything.  Plus we have the prep for Boy Scout requirements and the Arrow of Light stuff.  So duplicating stuff while we merged dens would be terrible for the boys with staying on track.
Two weeks ago K.... announced that they were moving and he was selling his house. I must confess I was relieved (he is a really hard kid) and skeptical.  Well this weekend they put up a for sale sign.  Nevertheless, Sunday the other ward leader finally brought over the progress charts for two of our Webelos.  To start with I was surprised to learn that K.... and Gamer have the same birthday.  But I can't even tell you how completely blown away I was by the tender mercies our prayerful schedule planning resulted in.  Not only was nothing duplicated in our meetings, but the pins we worked on are the ones that K.... was missing to earn his Webelos patch.  And if we finish up his religious knot over the next month, he should be able to earn his Arrow of Light and 2 compass points.  That is huge for an inactive 10-year- old.  Heavenly Father really does know everyone individually and we never know how we impact someone's life. 


Denise said...

Nice post.

LeAnn said...

What a very sweet story. Yes, Heavenly Father does love us all and will provide a way for good things to come.
Blessings and hugs for this one!


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