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Oct 28, 2016

Water Bottle Flipping

Sport is into this crazy new game all the kids seem to be playing, and it drives Grandpa nuts! If you haven't seen it yet, stop by any park or school and you won't have to wait long. It pretty much involves putting a couple of inches into a water bottle or Gatorade bottle or whatever, replacing the cap, and then flipping the bottle into the air.

To win this game, the bottle must land upright and if you can manage to "cap" it or make it land upright on the cap, then you are really amazing. At first we thought it was just Sport and something he made up until I saw other kids playing it.

At the football game last week, some little guy about four was playing on the sidewalk. Grandpa walked right over to him, bent down with his hands on his hips and demanded, "You're playing that silly game too?" That poor little guy looked terribly nervous until we moved on down the path.

Then my sweetie mentioned that he read an article about it sweeping the nation. Sport is getting to be quite the expert. A couple of days ago he managed to flip the small bottle and have it land on the ledge above the garage. We were impressed until today when he got the large bottle up there.

No, seriously, he flipped them high and they landed right there on the way down. There is definitely some talent and coordination involved in playing this game. And it's much better than watching them play on their phones, except that it makes so much noise.

I think that's the part that bothers Grandpa.


Bossy said...

When Chips was playing at the football game. His water bottle sprung a leak and squirted water all over someone else's grandpa. I hate this game. I definitely see many reasons they shouldn't be playing it.

Natalie Ockey said...

Nothing quite like wasting hours and hours pretending you have a skill! ~R

LeAnn said...

Actually, I do think it is a better activity than being on their phones. Hugs for them all! It sounds challenging but also takes some talent too.
Gosh, I don't think there is anything wrong with the game except for maybe getting some water on you and the noise.


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