Oct 27, 2016

Grilling Fish

During the beginning of the summer my sweetie decided we were going to have "Fish Fridays." We did a pretty good job for a while and then had our staycation and then the wedding...

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This past month we decided maybe we needed to get back to our goals, so when Cave Tools asked me if I wanted to review the Large Fish Basket, I responded immediately. Then I started watching for salmon to go on sale. I know, how boring, but it is the only fish I can really get my kids to eat.

After a week or so of high prices, I expanded my search and I ran across sockeye salmon. I had never heard of it so I immediately called my sweetie and he gave his typical "Let's try it!" response. So I brought home four pieces of a brand new kind of fish to use with a brand new product. I have to admit I was nervous.

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I shouldn't have been. My sweetie had it all under control. After marinating the fish in some teriyaki sauce, he laid them neatly in the box. Even on our open grill, they cooked evenly and without burning. None of it slipped off and landed in the fire (which is what usually happens when we cook with foil). There was no sticking to the grill or anything. When they were done, he lifted the whole thing onto a cookie sheet and brought it in the house.

The kids devoured it! I have to say, sockeye was much better to me than the Atlantic salmon. It tasted more like the trout I grew up on. I think I want to try it again with an even lighter marinade this time. I also want to try roasting veggies in this basket because the instructions say we can. Unfortunately, we have had cooler weather and we haven't wanted to cook outside. Oh and maybe it has something to do with my sweetie working late every night this week.

But we have one nice sized zucchini left and I want to try it. Zucchini in foil is always so mushy, but this basket should let that all drain as it cooks. Grilled veggies are one of my favorite things and this nifty basket keeps them together and out of the bottom of the grill.

If you would like to try this amazing Large Fish Basket, you know I can save you some money. Our friends at Cave Tools wanted to make it even easier for you to buy them, so they gave me a coupon code to save you 15% at Amazon. Just enter L8WIFQPU.

Amazon or at Cave Tools

***We were given a free Large Fish Basket for our open and honest review of the product.***


Cindy said...

We get a lot of sockeye salmon here in the Seattle area and I love it! Yours looks delicious!

LeAnn said...

I always love your reviews of products. This one looks ike a really good one. Perhaps, a gift for my hubby for Christmas. I do love grilled Salmon and veggies. Thanks for this one; I will look into it.
Blessings and hugs~