Oct 21, 2016

Visiting the Fire Station

It's our fall break today so the kids were home from school. I took Grandpa to pick up his hearing aids and then we met with a contractor about the downstairs bathroom project. During all this time the girls and I were making grape jelly and Bossy was working on her green enchilada sauce.

At 2:45, Curly, Sport, and I headed for the church for Cub Scouts. Curly was pretty excited since our den was going to the fire station. We piled all five scouts in my car and drove the short distance to the South Jordan Fire Station.

It was fun to see the various rooms of the station. The boys were pretty dazzled by the kitchen and also a bit surprised by the office area with the computers where the firefighters did their homework and paperwork. I liked seeing the bedrooms and learning a bit more about the 20 or so men and women who spent 48 hours at a time taking care of our city.

Then we wandered into the garages where the ambulances and fire truck were parked. We got to see inside almost all of the tool cupboards and bins. They pulled out the oxygen tanks and the jaws of life. When the firefighter handed the tank to Curly, he almost dropped it. He was surprised that it was so heavy and actually part of the seatbelt!

A few more stories and a last quick look at the uniforms and we were ready to go.

Thanks South Jordan Fire Department for an amazing visit!

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