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Oct 31, 2016

Halloween Adventures

I was planning to post last night but then I decided to make sure everyone had a chance to read about Princess and The Frog's sad news. They are doing well considering.

Now on to happier things.
We spent this whole weekend doing fun Halloween stuff! On Friday we had the costume parade at the elementary school. The kids had a great time showing off.

Then I helped with Scout's class party. I was in charge of pumpkin bowling. We only had one minor hiccup when the kids split the pumpkin and we had to wrap it a dozen times with clear packing tape. That held it together and didn't allow it to roll straight, but they still had fun.

Then after school we had our girl scout meeting where we made magic pumpkin cake and cute paper pumpkins.

On Saturday, some of us headed off for playoff games and others did service while still others made their way to the city costume contest. Scout won first place and a $50 gift card for her Applebees Server costume! Curly's team won their game, Sport's team lost so football is over for him this year, and Crafty made Christmas ornaments with the Youth City Council for their Festival of Trees entry.

Right after the games, Crafty and Scout went to ballet rehearsal, Baby Doll went to a Princess birthday party for her little friend, and I took off for the Macey's Trunk or Treat with Fajita, Hot Sauce, and Curly. Then the big kids were off to the library for a chess tournament.

We made the rounds again, picked everyone up, ate dinner and then they were all off again. This time I took the big kids to the library to play laser tag and Bossy took the little ones to her ward's Trunk or Treat. It was all crazy, happy fun (although my sweetie says not enough work...).

But if we aren't working, why am I so tired?

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

You did pack into a day more than I can ever imagine. It is amazing how you all come and go and then end the day with dinner and more fun. I continue to admire all you do with your dear family. Awesome! Hugs for all~


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