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Oct 25, 2016

Costume Fitting

While everyone else is being fitted for their Halloween costumes, Baby Doll is doing another sort of costume fitting. Today we drove to Ogden a little early for her rehearsal. You remember she is in a play at Weber State with Prima Donna called 6 Characters in Search of an Author?

After picking up Prima Donna, we drove to the Browning Center and found the costume shop. That place is incredible! I wish I would have taken pictures of their thread wall. It was covered with cones of different colors. I so want a wall like that. All my cones are just thrown in a box.

But I digress...

We waited for a few minutes while they finished the fitting before us and then Baby Doll and I entered a tiny dressing room and I helped her into this mock up of her actual dress. The fitting lady came in and started pinning and unpinning, adjusting here and there, dropping a hem, ripping a seam... It was pretty amazing to watch. I think I even learned a few things.

Baby Doll then skipped off for her 3-hour rehearsal. She didn't complain a bit, just mentioned that she was tired and hungry afterward. She even suggested we could drop Prima Donna at her apartment first so we didn't waste extra money on her for chicken nuggets at Burger King.

I thought it was funny, but Prima Donna wasn't very amused. We did take her with us and we even bought her a chicken sandwich. Then I gave her the change so she could actually do her laundry. She knows she has to get a job, but her availability is awful. She had two interviews today, but one of them dismissed her immediately when they found out about all the rehearsals. I'm sure she will figure it out. She can afford to pay her rent through February, and that is only if she doesn't buy any food... which is pretty unlikely with Baby Doll around.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Oh baby doll look so cute. I think it is awesome she is in the play with her sister. I do hope that Prima Donna gets a job that will earn her some food. Blessings and hugs for them both!


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