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Oct 16, 2016

Slower Saturdays

What an amazing weekend it has been!

After such a crazy week, I needed a little down time and we took it. Saturday morning had us running as usual, another merit badge pow wow for Sport, Youth Summit for Crafty, football games and rehearsals, but by about 3:00 we were finally free.

Oh, and I'm in big trouble if I don't mention that all six of our football players won their games for the first time ever! Go Bingham!

We gathered up a bunch of us and packed into two cars and headed up the canyon. Crafty wanted to film a Reflections video and we were excited to join her so we could see the leaves. Unfortunately, most of the color was gone, but there were still some beautiful yellows and the mountains are always amazing. We drove up Guardsman Pass and then through Park City and into Heber. We stopped at MacDonald's for ice cream and fries and someone mentioned it would be a perfect day to see a movie.

The free movie was Nine Lives, so we hurried to the Towne Cinema and got in just before the movie started. I even got to sit by my sweetie which hardly ever happens. The movie was super fun and we drove home afterward without any kind of rush or hurry.

I was planning to tell you about today too, but maybe I will save it for tomorrow after the craziness starts up again. Then I can remember that there is always a calm somewhere in the storm.

(Now that was ridiculously corny. Must be my Saturday night movies and all that popcorn...)

Hope you have a fantastic week!

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

I really can't see any calm in your life even when there is a little less to do. I am happy you were able to enjoy a good movie and sit by your hubby. Blessings and hugs!


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