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Oct 24, 2016

A Family Tradition

Why is it that even when we don't have a Sunday birthday party, my sweetie comes up with some reason to get all the kids together for what he called a "not" party?

It happened like this. Remember our friend, Bob? He was/is our home teacher and has been since we moved into this neighborhood in 1994. I say it that way because technically he is no longer in our ward since he has been called to the bishopric in the YSA ward.

The kids absolutely love him and they love his Halloween ghost story. In fact, I'm not sure it can be Halloween without it.

So Bob called me earlier in the week and asked if he could come over for our annual tradition. My sweetie immediately planned a nice meal with sweet pork burritos and told me to see if any of the family wanted to come over... a NOT party. Of course they didn't want to miss out on the ghost story, so at 5:00, all but Beauty and The Beast, Gamer, Fajita, Bean Dip, and Prima Donna showed up at our door.

After we all stuffed ourselves on my sweetie's good food, we were sitting around waiting for Bob when he texted me to tell me he couldn't find the ghost story, but he would be over as soon as he did. Half an hour later he called. The story was officially lost and he was devastated.

Fortunately, a tender mercy was already in place for our wonderful, over-worked friend. Just this week at Activity Days, Scout had prepared this exact story as a family home evening lesson for our family, so she had all the props and even though they were slightly different from what we were used to, Bob was relieved and happy.

After our story and a nice visit, Bob rushed off to another church meeting. He can stay our home teacher for a long time.


Jennifer said...

Please share the story with the rest of us!!!

LeAnn said...

Well you do throw a great Not party, I see. I think it is awesome you have had hometeacher for that many years. Maybe it's a record.
This was really a fun post and I loved reading it. Hugs for all~


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