Oct 29, 2016

A Plan For Us

I know some of you are also my Facebook friends, so you have probably seen this already, but this morning my sweet Princess posted this on her wall:


We lost our tiny baby yesterday. We are definitely sad, but we know the Lord has a great plan for us.

I had two miscarriages, and I didn't handle them nearly this well. I'm so proud of Princess and The Frog and their tremendous faith. Bossy and Gamer have faced similar challenges this past month as well. Sometimes it is so easy to get depressed and discouraged when things take a hard turn and our crazy lives don't allow much time to grieve.

Today after Baby Doll's dentist appointment, she was feeling pretty miserable so we curled up together on my big bed and slept for an hour. When we woke up, we still had the requirements of the day, but for some reason I think we both felt a little better. I'm not sure if it was the sleep or the cuddles.

Maybe both.

I just know I needed to hold my own baby for a while and remember how precious each and every child can be. Please pray for my family and all the unborn babies.


Tracie said...

My heart breaks for your sweet daughter. I had to step back and take a break from things after my miscarriage 2 years ago. There are some LDS specific facebook pages for pregnancy and infant loss as well as one for pregnancy after infant and pregnancy loss. They helped me tremendously. Also the book Gone Too Soon by Sherri Wittwer. It is also written from an LDS perspective. It is amazing and I would recommend that close family and friends read it as well. Much love and prayers being sent your way!

LeAnn said...

Oh you sweet friend; I will be praying for your family and the unborn babies. Two of my daughters have had miscarriages and it was very hard. I love the Plan of Salvation and the hope it gives. I love the Savior and know he cares and even weeps with us. The puzzles will finally fit together.
It is true; hold on tight and enjoy the cuddling moments; they go by fast.
Sending prayers, love, and hugs your way!

Marci said...

Heartbroken for your girls! LOVE the faith that they are showing!