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Nov 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Traditions

I told you last year about some of our fun family traditions including our Charlie Brown Thanksgiving dinner and all the fun we have just being together. I am so thankful for this big beautiful crazy family of mine!

I was looking through my posts for last Thanksgiving and I realized that I have told you most of the fun things we always do, but maybe I can add a little. About every other year I have a little one in preschool. This year it is Curly's turn and he loves it! As part of their Thanksgiving celebration they always have a little turkey dinner. It's not quite traditional, but his teacher provides turkey and pie and then she assigns out the rest of the food. Curly's donation is two cans of mandarin oranges.

The other thing they do is make cute little costumes, one like an American Indian and the other like a pilgrim. Then each kid gets to choose what they want to be for the feast. Curly chose pilgrim, so today he brought home his Indian costume. After he modeled it for us, Baby Doll just couldn't wait to put it on.

This year Scout's 7th birthday is on Black Friday, so at least we don't have to worry about shopping. And guess what my sweet girl wants for her special birthday dinner?

That's right...turkey dinner!

And she suggested it without any prompting.
Maybe I'd better go buy her another present. I'm sure by Friday I won't feel like cooking at all.

No, wait...then I'd have to go shopping.


mommeeof10 said...

You could serve leftovers for the birthday dinner? Or just cook an extra turkey on Thanksgiving? There can never be too much left over turkey, stuffing, gravy or pie, in my humble opinion. The kids ate the 1/2 bushel of apples I bought on Saturday. I'll have to send hubby back to the orchard tomorrow afternoon, this time for a bushel? Or pay twice the price at the grocery store, :(

LeAnn said...

I am so smiling on this one. I loved your thoughts and the pictures were precious too.
I can understand how it feels to fix dinner for a big Thanksgiving feast. This year I have 23 members of our family here. My one daughter from Spokane is coming and then my son who lives closer to us. It should be an entertaining day.
Blessings and enjoy your Thanksgiving.
My stress relief is to go shopping!!


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