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Nov 9, 2012

Football Banquet

It's been such a fun football year this year! Even though we didn't win many games, in fact we almost didn't make it to the playoffs, it just didn't matter. Sport was awesome! He learned so much about football and things that are even more important like leadership and taking care of your teammates.

We had our banquet tonight. One of the amazing team moms had invited us to tell something funny, embarrassing, or cool about our kids so they could do a guessing game. This is the story I shared about Sport. Most of the stories were times when the kids were being naughty or causing trouble. Not Sport. They saved his story for last and when she was finished reading it, all the parents stood up and gave him a standing ovation.

I was so proud of him tonight. He sat with his friends and just enjoyed being part of something that was bigger than himself. We ate at the Schmidt's Pastry Cottage and I was a little disappointed to pay so much for a sandwich, but the boys each got two huge pieces of pizza for their money so Sport was happy.

They played a video of pictures taken from every game. Sport was in so many of them! I'm pretty sure I told you that he is by far the biggest kid on the team and he plays noseguard on defense and tackle on offense. Or I guess I should say he DID play...

The saddest day of football season comes when we wash all the gear and turn in the pads and helmets. It's not usually on the same day as the banquet, but this time it was. I just wanted to grab it and hold on to the season. Next year he will be 10 and he will be playing with all 10-year-olds. I don't know that he will be the biggest on the field, but I do know he will likely still have the biggest heart and that's what makes this mama proud. Go #52!


Emmy said...

How awesome that he got a standing ovation! So good when kids are recognized and applauded for the good things they do.

And yes, that would be a bittersweet day. Glad he had fun playing.
Thanks for linking up

Kmama said...

How sweet! That's awesome that he got a standing ovation for his story. I'm a hockey mom, and as glad as I always am when the season ends (no more running around for awhile), it's always a little sad because I enjoy watching my son play his heart out.

Thanks for linking up with Emmy and me!


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