Nov 3, 2012

A Toss Up

Did I ever tell you that Teach can toss an awesome flag? She was the Color Guard Captain of the Marching Band at our high school for a couple of years. I loved watching her work with a flag and with a rifle. She even had solos where she would toss a quad!

She couldn't stand not tossing during the off-season, so she also signed up for Winter Guard season during the winter. In her junior year, the program was cut at our school, but because she loved it so much, she traveled to another high school after school to participate in their program.

She was largely instrumental in getting the program back for her senior year and she was the Captain of that team too. We spent tons of time preparing her application for the Winter Guard state scholarship that year, knowing it was a long-shot since there were only 2 given out in the entire state of Utah. Imagine our surprise when the first person named was my sweet Teach!

I tried to get her to join a guard team after she graduated, first at her university and then an independent group. She hasn't wanted to do that. She keeps telling me those times are past for her...

So I was excited to read the requirements for one of the girl scout badges that suggested we teach the girls about parades and marching and, of course, flags! I bought a few yards of China silk and went to work on 4 flags, 3 large ones and a small one for the little girls.

Teach pulled out all the poles, stripped them of their old silks and taped up the new ones. Then she spent time teaching my girl scouts to spin and toss. It was so fun to see her in action again! She even got out her rifle and tossed a few for the girls. She also taught them to march.

I asked her to write this post for me, but she got distracted and now she is at work so I am putting it together for you. Maybe we can get her perspective too. Anything could happen...


Cindy said...

That's awesome that she was willing to teach the kids. I did flags in high school too, a 'few' years ago. I know what she means when she says, "Those times are past."

Way to go Teach!!

LeAnn said...

Wow, that is awesome that she would teach the kids. It is sad sometimes that they give up their talents. Maybe helping will keep her interested in this talent at least once in a while.
Loved this one and blessings to you!