Nov 27, 2012

Scout's Snowman Party

I promised you a post about Scout's birthday party with her friends. I did manage to survive it yesterday and finish preparing for the Pinewood Derby which is tonight. I worried about having two major things so close together, but with all my helpers around here, things worked out fine.

Tall cupcakes were cute but kept tipping over!
I told you already that we put together the party bags while Thanksgiving dinner was cooking, but let me tell you how this all happened. One night I was lying in bed not sleeping as usual, just stressing over all of the upcoming activities. Scout's party was one of those. I said a silent prayer, begging for inspiration. After all these parties, honestly, I was just tapped out.

After several minutes, a party plan suddenly came into my mind all at once and in specific detail! We needed to do a snowman theme. I had already ordered some cheap little necklace kits with snowmen on them for an activity so I simply built around that.

Not as cute but much more stable.
We filled white paper sacks with play-doh left from Halloween and picked up for pennies at Kohl's. I also used half a bag of Fruities I paid $1.29 for on the after-Halloween sale at Marketplace. And then I threw a package of fruit snacks into each one.

We cut the circles for the snowmen and glued them on. Teach used her star punch to make the stars and we used a regular hole punch for all the other things. I cut up some flannel scraps to make the scarves and they tied right through the bags to close them up. It was a fun craft activity and I thought they turned out really cute.

We planned our games around the snowman theme and Teach made this cute "Pin the Nose on the Snowman" game. We also had some little wooden snowmen that we turned into a ring toss game. The snowmen for free Home Depot kits and the rings were cut from lids I found on the large cans in my food storage room. We also played "Once there was a Snowman." The kids had a great time becoming "small, small, small."

We watched Frosty the Snowman and then ate our snowman cupcakes. The cupcakes were almost a disaster! I envisioned two marshmallows for each one, and that is how I originally put them together, but as you can see they started "melting" on me because the marshmallows were too heavy. Actually, I think it was the gumdrop on top that made them tip. Anyway, at the last minute I pulled each one apart and just used the top. The girls didn't care, they snarfed them down!

Do they all look melted?

All-in-all, a fun, cheap party. I think the whole thing including my invitations cost less than $20. And it's one less thing to stress about.


Pearl said...

Looks like a very fun party! I love those cute cupcakes. You're an amazing mom!
BTW, I have nominated your blog for an award. You may check it out here:

Thanks for always visiting my blog:-)
xo, Pearl

Emmy said...

What a fun birthday idea! Great job!!

Sarah said...

What a neat and different birthday idea! Very cute!

Messy Musings said...

What a fun party!! Very glad you had some helpers, and inspiration!!