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Nov 12, 2012

Soaring Eagle

Does your elementary school have little enrichment programs and awards? Ours does, and it's called the Soaring Eagle. Every year each grade has a list of outside class requirements they can complete so they earn a little medallion in the spring.

My older kids had it all figured out. They would wait until the last possible second and then they would complete all 15 requirements over a weekend. Mom would sign their paper and they were good to go.

Not anymore. The program has gotten much more difficult, especially for 4th graders. They have to keep an entire portfolio with all of their hard work in it and then don't earn the medal until they prove all of their efforts to the teacher. And besides that, they have to have at least half of the requirements completed before January or they can't earn the award at all!

Since my kids have been off track (until today), we have spent a fair amount of time completing requirements. Some of them are actually fun. Sport had to follow a recipe with at least 7 ingredients and do all the measuring himself. Of course he picked cookies!

Good work, Sport!
Princess did the supervising while I took an afternoon nap. My sweetie was still sick this morning and since I was feeling mildly better, I took all the kids to church by myself. Yeah, I needed a nap!

And they even saved me a cookie.

1 comment:

Amanda Taylor said...

We don't have this. I wish we did!


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