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Nov 26, 2012

A Good Excuse

I do have a perfect excuse for not putting up a post last night, but first I have to tell you the whole story. You all know that the Dog Walker is going to college. This has been rather stressful since he doesn't like to try new things, but here we are now with about two weeks left of the semester and he is doing very well. In fact, other than his Sociology class where I have no idea how he is doing, I'm pretty sure he is on track to get all
A grades. But it hasn't been an easy road.

One of the classes he is taking is Communications. It is an on-line class but he has had to do a couple of group projects that have been difficult. His first one required a series of meetings to solve a problem. He was able to do all of these meetings through Google docs with a group of five other students from his class. The project was successful, so when the next one came along...present a speech in front of at least 10 other adults, he opted to work with the same people.

So last night his group and their significant others showed up at my house so they could all do their speeches in my basement using my sweetie's projector and big screen. By 7:00, they were all here and ready to go. The Dog Walker chose to do his speech on How to be a Super Scout which as you know is a subject near and dear to his heart. And that made it easy to speak about which was the real goal.

The Dog Walker went first and stood in front of the group and made his presentation. He did a great job. That is until his second to last slide when suddenly the power went out! Here we were with a group of mostly strangers and all the adults in the house sitting in a dark basement room. The little ones were upstairs with Princess screaming at the tops of their lungs.

It was a mad scramble trying to find flashlights by the light of cell phones. The Dog Walker was having a fit because he didn't get to finish his speech and we had no idea how long the power would be out or how we were going to give the other students a chance to present.

After about five minutes of chaos and confusion, we finally decided to continue with the speeches using the laptops only until they died. Just as Dallen stood up to begin, the power flickered back on. There were cheers and jubilation as we once again fired up the projector and got through the rest of the speeches. By 8:30 everyone had gone home including the Drama Queen, her friend, and Bossy's family.

We settled down to homework and finishing pinewood derby cars when the power suddenly went out again. This time we were mostly in the kitchen and the flashlights were still lying around so it wasn't too traumatic except that I couldn't write a post and the Dog Walker couldn't finish his homework assignment.

We sent the little ones off to bed with their flashlights and my sweetie and I were just getting ready to go upstairs when the lights came back on. We looked at each other for a moment and then headed upstairs anyway. Maybe an early night's sleep without any technology would be good for both of us.


Sarah said...

Glad college is mostly going okay, I think it gets easier.

I hope it gets easier anyway ha, I'm finding the whole thing pretty stressful too...learner development/tutor probably sick of sight of me by now. haha But getting help and support is the way to make things a little easier. :) It is amazing how they can help you. They even got me an £800 chair which I'm thankful for!!

Saimi said...

What a crazy night! I'm proud of your 'Dog Walker' going to college is huge!!!

Shell said...

What terrible timing for a power outage!


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