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Nov 7, 2012

New Couches

We bought our first real couch 25 years ago. The Gym Rat was only a year old and we spent a small fortune at a store called Weinstock's for three pieces, a couch, loveseat, and chair. Before then we had only used borrowed stuff that had been in service for years.

We loved that furniture! It was large and overstuffed, incredibly comfy and it had a sleeper in the couch. The fabric was cream colored, almost peach with blue and gray tones. I know, not very practical with children. After about 15 years, the couches were getting old and frayed. The cushions had been washed so many times they were falling apart. It was time to retire the couch.

But we just couldn't part with in. We stored it in the garage wrapped in sheets, thinking that someday we might be able to afford to recover them. They stayed there for a couple of years until we finally had the funds to make the change.

We chose tan and brown microfiber, much more conducive to children. They looked great, but it wasn't long before they were again showing signs of wear. Sometime during the last year, the frame got broken on the couch and it was no longer as comfortable as it had been in the past. The fabric was dirty and although scrubbable, it had gotten thin and hard to clean.

It was finally time to retire the couches for good.

So today when we were at Marketplace, we found some furniture we really liked. It was comfortable, brown, and soft. We sat on it a couple of times and then we left the store. We wanted to be sure. It was a large investment for us. About six hours later we returned and bought two couches and a chair.

I wish you could all come by and try them out. New furniture is so exciting! I hope this set lasts for another 25 years, although somehow, I doubt it.


Sarah said...

Our old sofa lasted about 20 years, new stuff never appears to last as long. :(

Messy Musings said...

Love new furniture! So happy you were able to get these - may they wear well, and provide your family comfortable togetherness! :-D


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