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Nov 6, 2012

Election Day

So it is the night before the election day. As is our tradition, we spent our evening with the kids, going over the candidates and their various platforms, and accepting the kids' ideas about who should receive our votes. I think the voting process is vital and so important! And I want my kids to feel the same way.

My FIL was a WWII vet who fought to preserve our freedoms. He was on the beach of Normandy, seeing and enduring things that no man should ever have to see. He took most of those terrifying stories to his grave, but we do know that his hair turned white overnight from the stress of war. He was a master sergeant and definitely a patriot. He watched his friends die so that we could continue to have the right to vote.

My dad was also a veteran. He didn't get a chance to go overseas, but he was still willing to put it on the line for his country. A couple of years ago he attended a patriotic program with me for one of the kids. When they started singing the army song, my dad jumped to his feet and saluted until the song was over. I was so proud to be his daughter at that moment.

My parents always voted when we were kids. They would argue about the candidates and then head for the polls. My grandma was an election judge for as long as I could remember. We don't take this responsibility lightly.

It doesn't matter to me if you vote for Romney or Obama, but please, if you are a citizen of the United States of America, take a few minutes and head to the polls today. Let your voice be heard. Somebody's dad, husband, brother, and wife died so that you could have that right.

OK, getting off my soapbox now...
sometimes I get a bit carried away.
Please go vote! :)


Arkansas Patti said...

YES !!!! Well said.

Marci said...

Yes! Go vote! Texas has a two week early voting period so I voted on Friday! We'll be anxiously watching the news tonight to see what happens!

Prima Donna said...

That was my program Grandpa stood up at and I remember that feeling of pride too. A few people in thee audience were so touched they started crying. I'm proud to be an American. And as I child who really wants to be a history teacher, I've been reading about the revolutionary war and the founding father's, and they fought for this oppurtunity, this right to vote. So please do it!

Natalie Ockey said...

I'd be interested to know how you have an even-handed discussion with your children. Aren't you basically giving them a slanted view of what's important? I agree that voting is critical (did so myself today) and that talking to your kids about it is essential, I'm just curious how a conversation about that would go. Is it possible to be fair?


Drama Queen said...

Actually, Mom and Dad do a pretty darn good job. They bring out the official statements, read over the main ones, and we discuss what they are saying. Mom and Dad openly discuss their opinions even when they directly contradict. The kids ask questions, and we always end up go back to examples from the scriptures or how those things debated in the halls of senate affect our lives and the lives of our friends and neighbors. Yeah, Mom and Dad have fairly clear party alignments, but they don't let us just party-vote. We always consider each candidate for their merits, not their affiliations. I think they do awesome.

Bossy said...

@ Uncle R.

Also they include the rebel liberal me in the discussions. Actually on the 4th district race Mom and Dad had different opinions and voted opposite. We discuss the pros and cons of each candidate and now that we've grown up and other races matter more to us we have indepth conversations about why so an so's platform impact's someones's line of work or why voting for a consitutional amendment can impact future raises for other children's positions.

It is actually a really great sounding board for opinions. Last night I was on the phone with "Little Sister" chatting on facebook to discuss her views on the state school board race. I personally, think they should open it up and invite your family to participate or anyone else that wanted to.

Atleast one of Mom's neighbors asks our opinion on the judges every year because she knows we research it (and I work with them).

~Bossy (Who is feeling to lazy to sign in on Gamer's computer.)


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