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Sep 14, 2012

The Best Home Teacher

We have the BEST Home Teacher in the whole world!

Now if you are not a Mormon, you are probably wondering what I'm talking about. In our church, each family is assigned a couple of neighbors to just check in on once a month or so and make sure the family is fine and doesn't need anything help with anything. My sweetie and the Dog Walker are assigned to a family down the street and they love stopping by with a treat and a story for the kids.

Bob has been our Home Teacher since we moved into this neighborhood 18 years ago. That's pretty uncommon. Usually they switch people around every few years. But Bob is special (at least we think so) or maybe nobody else wanted to deal with a family with so many kids!

Back when the Dog Walker was working on Merit Badges, Bob was one of his best helpers and counselors. He passed off Weather, Snow Sports, Surveying... and every summer for about three years they worked on one of the hardest Merit Badges for Nate...Water Sports.  That started a  bit of jealousy with the other kids. They all wanted a chance to go boating with Bob.

So for the last few years Bob has taken them all out on his boat to go tubing. My sweetie generally goes with and keeps half the kids busy on the dock while Bob pulls the others on the tube. Then they switch. My sweetie snapped a couple of cell pics for me today. They aren't great, but they are all I've got. This year they even took Taco and Burrito with them! Baby Doll and I missed out, but we stayed home and ate Twinkies as a consolation prize. Maybe next year she will be big enough we can all go.


Susan said...

You are lucky. My HT have come maybe five times in the last five years. And I could really use the visits.

Marci said...

That sounds like a super fantastic Home Teacher! When I was a teenager my family had the most excellent home teachers, my best friend and his dad. We had a blast with them!

When we moved into our new ward last year we got some excellent HTs as well, but then they moved recently and it was really sad!

Saimi said...

How wonderful! He sounds like someone who magnifies his calling!


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