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Sep 7, 2012

Random Thoughts about Cars

Dog Walker's Dream Car
My boys love cars! It starts as a disease when they are small (genetic from their dad, of course) and stays with them until they are grown. The Gym Rat had a perfectly nice car and it just wasn't enough. Several months ago he flew to Las Vegas and drove back in a Camaro that he just had to have.

"But Mom, it's a collector's item!" he enthused. "It's worth WAY more than I paid for it." And then he proceeded to rattle off all of its amazing features. He was happy until he realized it wouldn't pass emissions in Utah...and inspection in Utah...
Actual Car
He finally has it so he can drive it (although now he keeps it parked because it's a gas-guzzler), but it's been a journey.

That journey began when they were little. The cars fuel imaginations and became the favorite toys. I'll bet my boys have a couple hundred matchbox cars in their car box right now and that doesn't count the ones that migrate to the sand pile. A couple of weeks ago we had the kids over for dinner for my sweetie's birthday. We are so big in numbers now, when everyone comes over we set up a couple of tables in the living room just so everyone can have a seat.

When we were finished, I folded the tables and leaned them against the church pew so that the Dog Walker could put them back in the garage. It wasn't long before Curly had a couple of cars driving along the inside of the back of the table. He had little sections when they could drive and other places for them to park. Soon Sport and Scout joined in. I love it when they play together, especially with things that were not really intended to be toys.

Maybe that's because I'm married to an engineer who is constantly being forced to think "outside the box." Maybe someday this car obsession will pay off. Sport has already decided he wants to be a car designer and the Gym Rat wants to be a banker, which is good, because he's going to need lots of money to support his car-buying habit. Even though that Camaro was a "good deal" it still cost a lot more than a $1 Hot Wheels car!

1 comment:

Kerin said...

Boys and their cars.. they do love them.
And, I've always wondered... why do they give their cars girls names?

Enjoy this weekend!



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