Sep 30, 2012

All We Do is Party!

Yesterday was Crafty's 12th birthday party and I promised to share some of the craziness with you. I have this amazing friend who doesn't believe in carpooling...she just takes all the turns by herself! Crafty and her friend Mari have been rehearsing for the last month for a play they are doing out in Riverton. So my sweet friend, Lori, offered to do all the driving since she believes I have a crazy, busy life.

I know, that's just the kind of person she is. So when Crafty's birthday loomed close, Lori offered her indoor pool for the party. I was so grateful! Crafty was forced to change tracks this year, so she wanted to invite all the girls from her current D track and all the girls from last year's A track. I was not excited about coming up with something to entertain them all for a couple of hours.

By the time we added in the neighbor girls, we handed out about 40 invitations, but assumed we wouldn't have nearly that many show up. I made 24 gift bags, thinking that would be plenty...but then the girls started to arrive. More and more came and we started keeping a running total. By the time they were all in the pool, there were 25 of them. I frantically called Teach who was back at the house and asked her to throw together a few more gift bags.

The girls loved the pool! We also had Curly and Baby Doll with us and boy did they have fun! We finally got them back to my house with only half an hour left to go. That was just enough time for gifts and then cake and ice cream before the parents began arriving.

Honestly, other than the stress over the gift bags, it was probably one of the easiest parties I've ever done. Thanks, Lori, for being such a sweet friend.

PS. I lost another dear friend today when she passed away suddenly from a massive heart attack. Please pray for my friend, Veon Croft's  family. She was only 54.

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Pepper Tan said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss...

Happy birthday to Crafty :). An indoor pool party is a good idea. Congrats to you for pulling that off.