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Sep 26, 2012

A Night at the Theater

Guess what? It's the fourth Tuesday of the month and that means it's Pack Meeting! That's probably not all that exciting for you, but I spend a ton of time preparing so everything will run smoothly and the boys will be excited to keep coming back.

I've been struggling for ideas lately. It's hard to keep trying to do just a little bit better than last month. Finally we decided to ask each den to do a skit and since we had the stage and gym, we thought it would be fun to use the stage lights and actually make them feel like they were acting. The boys did a great job and loved the lights and microphone.

Last Friday, Prima Donna was telling me about a lesson from her Theater teacher and I knew that would make everything pull together if he could just come and be a special guest speaker. I rushed out an email and held my breath. It was such short notice! But a few hours later he agreed to come and bring his friend he shared with his school class.

That friend was a 5-foot python.

I'm not a real fan of snakes, but the kids loved this one! He invited all the cub scouts to crowd up close before he showed them what he had in the bag. He did an awesome job and afterwards he gave the kids time to touch the snake and ask questions.

We finished up with awards and my favorite skit. It was called the Pygmy Scout and we found it online. They recommended doing it with a couple of scouts, but we decided to have the Dog Walker and Sport do it together. We covered the Dog Walker with a black sheet and then Sport slipped on his dad's black bathrobe and stood behind the Dog Walker. The Dog Walker's hands became his feet and Sports hands became his hands. Then they did silly things. First they did jumping jacks and stretches, then they followed a typical morning routine, combing hair, brushing teeth, and shaving.

Now you have to remember that Sport was hiding under the robe, so he couldn't see what was going on, but he had to do the shaving. The Dog Walker ended up with shaving cream all over his face and glasses. Thank goodness we kept the protective cover on the razor!

Then as the last thing, our silly Pygmy Scout ate breakfast...a Ding Dong (chocolate covered cake). Sport really played it up and smeared it all over the Dog Walker's face. The crowd kept laughing and laughing!

We finished up with sugar cookies made by Teach and Princess and decorated by Bossy and me. It was a fun evening, but I'm always relieved when they are over.

BTW, I went to the doc today and he put me on an antibiotic and gave me an inhaler. I'm looking forward to feeling much better by the weekend.


Masshole Mommy said...

It seems like your pack meetings are very well run. My oldest son, who is a Bear this year, is in his 3rd year of cubs and our pack meetings are pure chaos. The pack is very poorly run - although they try. I wish I had more time to devote to helping because we need serious help!

Anonymous said...

Take the medicine and use the inhaler and take real good care of yourself..You cannot help your pack troop to have interesting and sweet meetings when you are so ill..Just take it easy, ask your sweet children to help out and call your oldest daughter and son if you get worse..Family can pull together if Mother is ill which you are, don't let it slide you need to rest and recuperate, everything can slide for a few days of rest and recuperation. Praying God heals you and that your sweet family pulls thru for you, I know they will!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emmy said...

Okay your Pac meetings kick our pac meetings butts! We don't do anything close to any of that.

LeAnn said...

I served in the cub scouts with all three of my sons over the years. I know how much it takes to pull of activities and especially the Pac meetings. I loved all of this and I am smiling on this one. What a lot of fun you all had. I would have loved to see the skits and especially the one with your sons. However, I think I will forgo the snake.


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