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Sep 2, 2012


So this morning we drove down to my brother's to see his new baby get a blessing. It's the brother on Ockey Family Adventures on my sidebar just in case you want to know more about him and his cute family. The first things they said, even before a proper greeting, is "Why happened to your blog? Why aren't you posting every day?"

Baby Doll has a great sense of style!
I quickly reminded him that this was a new trend and I've only been doing the every-other-day thing for a couple of days, but he wasn't to be appeased. So I asked him (and my 3 sisters who were there) what they would like me to write about. His answer was immediate, "Write about the stuff when we were growing up."

The problem with that is that he is my youngest brother. He was almost 10 when I got married so many of my growing up memories are not the same as his. His first suggestion was that I tell you about when we all put water on our corn flakes because we were out of milk and Mom wouldn't buy any. Unfortunately (maybe fortunately!) I don't remember that at all. During my growing up years we had cows and there was always tons of milk. Mom had a little pasteurizer and she always had it running. She sold milk and cream to friends and neighbors to bring in a little extra. Sorry, Randy, I have never in my entire life eaten corn flakes with water...now Groovy, that's something else.

Just a fun pic because every post needs a picture!
Our mom was frugal though. One thing we all remember is the tator tots story. Mom counted out seven tator tots for each of us. We were not allowed to eat any more than that. She had a two-pound bag split completely even (although I'm pretty sure Dad got a few more). The couple of times I grabbed an extra, she always knew and boy could she lay on the guilt trip! Randy, however, figured out how to make it work. While they were still cooking, he would open the oven and at the risk of burning his digits, he would grab out a couple while they were still sizzling. I didn't love tator tots that much!

But he's right, it's been a long time since I wrote about my childhood, so I am going to pledge, here and now, to write at least one story from my past at least once a week for the rest of the year. Hopefully that will appease the masses and my siblings will stop calling me a slacker...

And Randy? How about the same challenge for you?


Saimi said...

I know, my Mother in Law says the same thing about my blog. If I skip too many weeks of posting, she's like, "I need my fix, time for a new story!"

Well, at least I know I have one fan! HA!!

Natalie Ockey said...

I don't know what to say . . . either "Sorry you took it so hard. We didn't mean it that way." or "It's about time."


Natalie Ockey said...

Check out my response at http://ockeyfamilyadventures.blogspot.com/2012/09/a-moment-from-my-history.html


Marci said...

I do miss when you don't post, but as you've probably noticed lately... I haven't been posting too often. My family all quit blogging about 2 years ago, and half of them don't read my blog anymore.

Life is busy for me without kids, I can't imagine how much busier I would be with 12 kids! I think it's fantastic that you even post every other day!

Now that Chris is better and back at work you can count on me commenting more! Commenting from my phone gets really complicated for some reason, but now I"m at my computer again!


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