Sep 5, 2012

High School Clubs

My dad the teacher.
Did I ever mention that I was a super-over-achiever when I was in high school? We had a small school with around 300 kids in four grades. My dad taught there and even though you might think that would keep me in line, it didn't. I was involved in so many things!

OK, hold your breath while I run through a list of clubs...

GAA (Girls' Athletics), Spanish Club, FHA, Marching Band, Chamber Choir, Swing Choir, Newspaper staff, Yearbook staff, State Choir, Drama Club, Sterling Scholar, Basketball team...I even tried out for the Drill Team! Only one year though. My best friends made it and I was the 19th girl or in other words, the last one cut. (I only know that because they told my dad.) That didn't really make me feel any better, but that's another story.

One of my favorite clubs was FHA or Future Homemakers of America. It doesn't even exist in that same form now. They call it FCCLA or Family Community Careers Leaders of America. I guess being a future homemaker is just not that appealing to today's young girls.

Teach was an officer in the FCCLA when she was in high school and she became a Sterling Scholar from that department. Her high school was huge though and mine was small. They had a much bigger focus on the preschool and day care programs and my school was just trying to convince girls to stop getting pregnant!

What can I say, it was the 80s and there wasn't much to do in my hometown. My junior year it was like an epidemic. If I'm remembering right, there were 13 girls who got pregnant (out of about 150), beginning with the Head Cheerleader. No, I didn't join THAT club.

But I did join FHA and we had tons of fun planning the Sweethearts' Dance and preparing our entries for state competition. Mine was some sort of Child Care presentation and sadly, I didn't place that well, but it was still exciting to stay with my friends for a couple of days at BYU. Can you figure out which one is me from this black and white yearbook picture? I didn't think so. OK, I'll tell you. Third from the left on the back row. You sure can tell it was 1980 from the hair, can't you?!

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Ha! It's a small world. I was just visiting my blogging friend, Nola over at Just Ramblin' and noticed you just became a follower of hers!