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Sep 6, 2012

I'm Having a Bad Day

I know I've made it a rule not to whine here, but I'm in the need of pouring my heart out today. It has NOT been a good day. First off, Scout has been sick. I was up late last night, so I was happy this morning when my sweetie ran some of the kids to school before he left for work. The only one who didn't get a ride was Crafty. And boy did she let me know about it! Truly, they walk most of the time, but because Scout was staying home so she could see the doctor, and Sport had left early for band, she was on her own. She screamed and cried at me for almost half an hour before she finally realized I was serious and not planning to take her. She finally went downstairs and asked Teach for a ride. (Yeah, she gave in...)

After that I delivered Curly to his first day of preschool. He was happy and excited to go which is good because I was already on a short fuse. After I picked him up and dropped Burrito at Kindergarten, I figured I had a couple of hours before the doctor's appt to get a few things done.

The mini van needed an oil change and to save time, I chose the Jiffy Lube closest to my house rather than the one in Sandy I usually go to. Big mistake! They tried to sell me everything and I finally gave in on the serpentine belt. Problem was, they broke the first one they put on and had to run to an auto parts store to get another one. I waited for over an hour!

Then I headed for my favorite grocery store. After filling my cart and heading for the checkout stand, I was told that my discount didn't apply to some of the items I was buying. Since I was already upset, this didn't help.

I left the store thinking "It's already 2:00, maybe I just need some lunch." I had a code to join the text club at A&W and get a free hamburger. I punched the number into my phone and immediately received the answer. I drove the short distance to A&W and proudly gave them my code. But no, the code wasn't good until tomorrow!

I left the driveup abruptly and rounded the corner to the Sonic. I can always get a good deal there. (And I did...they were very nice to me.)  I pointed the van toward home. I still had to unload the groceries before Scout's doctor's appt.

We made it just in time! Turns out she has croup and needs regular breathing treatments and steroids for five days. When we got home, Sport was stomping around, trying to find his football stuff. He yelled for a good twenty minutes before Curly discovered the missing thigh pad in the little kitchen oven. (Don't ask, I have no idea.)

I ran Sport to Scouts (in his football equipment) and stopped by Curves. I barely had time to get in my 30 minutes before I was rushing out the door to pick up Crafty, then stop by the church for Sport, swing through the park and drop him for football practice, then take her to the dance studio, pick up the neighbor girl, drop her home, and arrive back at the house.

I had exactly 20 minutes before I had to leave again for Tupperware training. I decided to use that 20 minutes trying to solve a problem the Dog Walker was having for school. Yes, I was late for training and I still didn't manage to solve the problem. At least I already had dinner under control. Teach and I had assembled a pot roast in the crockpot this morning.

An hour and a half later I walked through the door. The kids were arguing about dinner. Apparently my pot roast wasn't done. After 20 minutes of trying to hurry it along, I reset the table for cold cereal. I threw some odds and ends from the bread loaves into the toaster and immediately managed to burn my finger.

After dinner I was cleaning up when I noticed something. Remember last fall when Princess took a ruler and smacked it down on my ceramic cooktop? My new cooktop now has an 18-inch crack right down the middle. No one seems to know anything this time.

Maybe tomorrow I just won't get out of bed.


Messy Musings said...

sorry about the very bad day - I am amazed you accomplished as much as you did!! (and yes, it was a lot). but today is a new day, and here's hoping it goes much better!!

Jennifer said...

Oh goodness! I'm sorry your day totally sucked!! That is A LOT of running around! I couldn't even imagine a day like that, even without the bad parts. Have you ever forgotten a kid?

Anonymous said...

You are sweet,kind and a loving Momma, don't be hard on yourself..Your kids need a chat about whining, crying, yelling and being kind of like donkeys to their Momma, maybe you and your hubby can sit them all down and listen when you tell them you are their Mother and Father not their maid, cook, chaffeur and gal and boyfriend but their MOTHER AND FATHER...I bet they will get the point and act accordingly..To me you are totally amazing and I mean amazing, I ususally work with large families trying to buy their only home, they bring the whole shebang, none of them whine, cray and pitch a fit, NONE..because their Daddy's will stop it in the track take them from the room and give them a quick lesson on who is the Mother and who is the Father, only have it happen and the little darling was exhausted and promptly fell asleep in the Daddy's arms for the whole time we got the papers on the road..TAKE SOME TIME JUST FOR YOU...keep a smile on your sweet face and chalk it up to the back to school days and nights! God Bless you and your hubby and your family each day and night!!!!!!!!!! Your extraordinary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I meant to say only one client family had a little one who pitched a fit, crying, the daddy took her out and she came back asleep in his arms for the entire paper process that had to be completed, the many other children just sat patiently..their Mother and Father told them to behave or else, they just became naturalized citizens and mistakenly believed if their kids causes a ruckus they could be jailed can you imagine, I assured them that would not be the case at all, but their kids still did not misbehave at all!!!!!!!!!! You do so much to be an absolute great and outstanding Mother and your husband an outstanding Father, if only other parents could care and would care and love their kids like you the juvenile justice centers holding kids and juveniles would be empty, no Moms and Dads cared there and they just leave their kids to fend for themselves, a lot of kids have no family and no love, you certainly love and cherish your family and it shows in your blogs!!!!!!! Take it easy, get some rest and let the kids help with the meals if you are exhausted, even breakfast for dinner is not a bad thing, I make tons of waffles up and pancakes for just my hubbs and me and freeze them, a few scrambled eggs, and some turkey bacon or sausage and we are good to go each day! I even borrow the waffle maker as I don't even own one and the lady who lends it to me never makes waffles at all, she is happy to share her good fortune in having a neat one and I make up lots for many breakfasts and many breakfasts for dinners!!!! God's blessings to you and your sweet hubby too! Your family I send blessings too!!!!!!!!

LeAnn said...

Oh my gosh, that was a very bad day. I think you deserve a nap;even just a short one. I got tired and needed a nap after reading your day. Hope your sweet one get better soon. I remember having moments like this and eating breakfast cereal for dinner. Just know that you are loved by your family and someday they will really appreciate what you did for them. It usually doesn't occur until after they are married and have children themselves.
Blessings and hugs for you!

Mark said...

I'm sorry to hear about that bad day. I have also went through these kind of days. Those times when you feel like you're going to blow up because everything is trouble. Don't lose hope, tomorrow when you wake up you'll realize that it's a whole new and happy day.

Natalie Ockey said...

Sorry about the bad day. Hope tomorrow is better!

Shell said...

What a day! Hope you've had better ones since!


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