Sep 13, 2012

Not Really Political

I try to teach my children to be civic-minded. Even when my oldest ones were small, I would collect all the mailers and newspaper articles on the candidates and we would spend the night before the election reading through them and discussing who would be the best choice for our votes.

Now five of my kids are old enough to vote and I still have to give them advice. Can you believe they tell me they are too busy to read about the candidates? All except for Bossy, who pours over the literature just like I do, trying to make the best decision for her family and her job. Since she works for the State of Utah, she is careful to understand which proposed budget cuts will affect each department.

When she was younger, I think she used to listen to my summaries and then vote exactly opposite of my suggestions. And you know what? I'm OK with that. I just want my kids to care about politics and their country and appreciate the rights they have to vote.

You all know about our trip to Washington DC a few weeks ago. We spent some time touring the capitol with an intern from Senator Mike Lee's office. He did an awesome job! When the tour was over, we met the Senator in his office and their official photographer took pictures of us. They sent us some beautiful 8x10s and I wanted to share them with you.

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That is me in my Scout uniform.