Feb 3, 2011


Bossy’s being bossy again! She said it’s time to write another blog and I’m just wasting time exercising! Actually I hate exercise for exercise sake. I’ve never been a runner but I can run back and forth down the basketball court if other people are willing to run with me while we bounce a little orange ball and try to throw it into a way-too-small hoop. My best friend ran a 5K today and actually survived! Maybe if I could dribble a basketball the whole way I could do that…
This time I wasn’t playing basketball, I was playing DDR (or Dance Dance Revolution) with my 17-year-old son. He is an amazing player who can survive a whole song on EXPERT without failing. I have finally graduated from BEGINNER to BASIC and even then I often come up with an E when he has a AA. (E is the lowest grade you can get.) 

The game consists of a square pad that sits on the floor. It looks like a tic-tac-toe board and YOU get to be the playing pieces. You put the game in your game console (mine is for the PS2 but you can get it for the XBOX or the WII.) Then while little arrows scroll up your TV screen you try to step in the corresponding boxes on your tic-tac-toe board. And to make it even more confusing they play music and videos in the background. The kids love to watch me make a fool of myself trying to figure out which jump or step comes next. And to make matters worse, when I screw up, the game makes fun of me too.  If I wanted that kind of abuse, I’d take up running! (…with a basketball, of course.)

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Gamer said...

in all these posts everyone seems to like their family "nicknames". But I wasn't allowed to choose mine so everyone. This is Gamer and I am writing this for all of us who never got to CHOOSE our names. Enjoy readin about the family and such!!!!!!!