Feb 2, 2011

Mom's bed

As you can imagine, we have a rather large table in our kitchen. It has chairs at the head and the foot and long benches on each side. Those benches can accommodate 4 large people or 5 small ones. My kids sometimes feel a bit crowded at meals, but occasionally some will be missing and there will be empty seats. The kids have come up with a little song that they love to sing called "I’ve got the whole bench to myself…" It usually ends with someone rounding the table and joining them on the bench so the song is no longer applicable. 
So last night my sweetie and I were getting ready for bed. My little two-year-old Curly bursts through the door and climbs up in the middle of our bed. "I wanna sleep with you!" he says excitedly. His dad grumbles a bit but moves over. Within two minutes, that small body is thrashing back and forth, taking the blankets with him. This was enough for Dad. He climbed out of bed and started putting on his robe. That’s when I heard that sweet little voice singing, "I got the whole Mom’s bed to myself…"

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Drama Queen said...

Ha! I randomly found this post again. I <3 it. :)