Feb 5, 2011

Super Bowl Birthdays

I was almost 2 years old when they played the first Super Bowl. You know those guys on TV who talk about how they miss babies and marriages and funerals, but they won’t miss the Super Bowl? I’ve known people like them! Because my birthday falls on January 25th every year, it was only natural that at some point my own special day and the Super Bowl were going to collide. 

The first time it happened was in 1981. The Raiders were playing the Eagles in the Superdome. The Raiders were the winners and I was the loser! It was my 16th birthday and forgive me for having itty bitties, but its celebration was definitely secondary to the bash going on in front of the TV. 

Photo by The Kobal Collection – © 1984 - 20th Century Fox
The second time the Super Bowl fell on my birthday was in 1987. My sweetie and I had been married for 3 ½ years. I was extremely pregnant with my second child and very hormonal. First let me say that I married a terrific guy! But on that particular Sunday in that particular year, he blew it big time. His beloved Broncos were playing the Giants. Let’s just say that the Broncos weren’t the only losers of the Super Bowl that year. It was officially banned at our house for about the next 5 years. (He claims I banned all NFL games for 5 years, but I don’t remember being THAT mean!) 

The last time my birthday landed on the Super Bowl was in 1998. My hubby had learned his lesson well and offered to stay away from the TV even though his Broncos were playing the Packers. I guess I had matured enough that year to watch the game and have a party too (even though I was hormonal with #7). Just in case you were wondering, the Broncos were also the winners that year. (Thanks for all the info, NFL.com.) 

Now they have moved the Super Bowl to the first week in February and I don’t have to worry about it landing on my birthday anymore. But remember that sweet little baby I was pregnant with back in 1987? Well, last year he turned 23 and celebrated his birthday on, you guessed it, Super Bowl Sunday. Funny, it didn’t seem to bother him as much as it did me.

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Neal said...

I'd like to point out we are celebrating it on the same day this year too. I just don't care. Birthdays are birthdays. My favorite part is the dinner anyway and a superbowl party doesn't get in the way of that!