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Jan 15, 2015

I Pray When...

I've been trying to get to bed a little earlier. OK, Drama Queen annoyed me until I walked away from the computer after she promised to post for me. Only last night I laid in bed stressing all the things I had to do until I finally got up and did some of them. Now I'm dozing in front of the computer while the kids are watching Brave Little Toaster. Not my finest "mom moment."

My Thursdays seem to have gotten incredibly hard since the holidays! I'm still babysitting which I generally enjoy, but with all the basketball games and practices, not to mention Activity Days and dance, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and next week is worse. I've got cookie training tomorrow for my Girl Scouts and then sales start on Saturday. I can't even force myself to update the calendar since it already looks way too busy.

Prima Donna earned a spot in the competition one-act play at Bingham so here we go again with rehearsals starting next week. Princess is a Sweetheart's nominee so she has a million things to get ready for that competition and her Sterling Scholar portfolio is due next week.. Life rarely slows down here.

We did have a fun FHE activity I wanted to share with you. Princess taught the lesson about prayer and modeled it after something that had already been done on the internet, but the kids love having their faces out there for everyone to see (my sweetie... not so much).

These are our cute little "I pray when..." signs.

Maybe mine should have read "I pray when I'm stressed." I guess that would be the same as "I pray all the time..."


Marci said...

I LOVE this!!!! What a perfect FHE activity and blog post!

Cindy said...

"I Pray When", what a great idea!


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