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Jan 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Teach was all excited about making new goals today. I was just tired.

Yesterday seemed to take an emotional and physical toll. I did manage to locate and recover the missing tablecloths so that was a huge relief. I can't remember if I told you that my Little Sis was having a baby this week too. She had a C Section on Monday so we knew she and her family would not be at the wedding. Baby Doll was pretty disappointed about that since she loves spending time with her two cousins.

So when Little Sis asked me if we could watch them today, I quickly volunteered to take them and keep them for our New Years' Eve party and a sleepover. I spent my day at my desk trying to unbury from all the paperwork and calendaring stuff that has gone undone for the past couple of weeks.

The kids have mostly been good, but they were tired too. I had Crafty look through my coupon envelope for things that were expiring today and she found a dozen free kids' meals from Applebee's, so we decided it would be a fun celebration.

There were 20 of us in the party and we fed everyone for less than $100 so that was a fitting way to end 2014. Back at the house we had an early New Year's countdown at 10:30. As you can see, the kids had WAY too much fun with the Silly String. It took them less time to shoot it all over the family room than it did for Bossy and me to clean it all up!

My sweetie set off some fireworks although it is so cold here the kids didn't want to be outside (that's why the Silly String ended up in the house). The older girls all had a great time at the stake dance and we did the last fireworks when they finally got home.

Settling the kids down to sleep was harder than it should have been. Bossy's family is staying with us too and it was a little tricky finding places for everyone to sleep but we managed. I don't think anyone is even on the floor...unless it's by choice.

I'm looking forward to another slow day tomorrow and a few minutes to get things caught up before we get the craziness of next week. My little ones are off track until January 26, but Baby Doll will still have preschool and Sport works there during off track time. The big kids start on Monday, including Dog Walker and his new math class. We also start dance, basketball, scouts...

I guess slow is a relative term.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Yes, my dear for you slow is a relative term. It does appear you had a fun New Year's Eve and New Year's welcome.
Blessings for you and I hope you get just a touch of a break.


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