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Jan 10, 2015

Education has its own Reward

We've talked before about school and college and the fact that my sweetie and I believe that education is important. When we first discussed having a big family, we knew that money would be an issue. It always is! So we told the kids right from the beginning that we had to pay for our own education and they would have to pay for theirs so they had better figure it out.

We do not have a single college fund for any of our 12 children.

They do all have savings accounts and some have saved more than others. We have been fortunate to have all 5 of our college-aged kids on scholarships of one sort or another. Some have chosen to do the New Century Scholarship here in Utah. That means they graduate with an Associates degree the same time they graduate from high school.

It's a difficult thing to do! I know, because I did it myself.

Drama Queen was the first to complete this feat. The state paid her second 2 years of tuition completely, so most of her college was funded by New Century and her academic scholarships. Teach followed shortly after and she actually made money going to school because she chose to live home and go to school locally.

Now it is Princess's turn. She is on track to finish her high school diploma and her Associates degree from Salt Lake Community College in a few short months.

For each of these three children we have offered a certain gift, a reliable used car (we get to choose!) that will help them finish school. But then they are on their own. Oh, we help them with food and that sort of thing, but we don't pay their tuition or give them money.

And today, Princess got her car! It's a little yellow 2006 PT Cruiser. We got a great deal at Peterson Auto and it even has low miles. Hopefully it will take her where she needs to go for many years to come. Congrats, Princess, you have worked so hard and we are so proud of you!


Anonymous said...

I think you and your hubs are terrific parents and wonderful wife and husband..You actually love and care about your kids devotedly..I don't think a parent owes their kids a full college experience paid for no I do not..Living at one's parents home and going to school in my opinion is not a big thing, also I so applaud the fact you get your kids a decent car for taking them back and forth and they get their AA degree while in high school..We have that in Washington state called running start, many go to it now our only was in the 2nd year of its being implemented so when she graduated from high school she had her AA and could pursue her major and minors she wanted, she got a huge scholarship from a wonderful man from the temple (jewish) who with his wife used to hold her when we were able to attend it was many miles and another state from our home, he left in his will money for her college education..wow whee, we did not disperse it when she was in her twenties no we did not but saved it up she worked for the president of the university and was paid handsomely and had a room and board like no other on the campus only 5 jobs like that on all state universities in this state she found it and we were so proud of her, she is an only child but NOT SPOILED AT ALL well maybe with love and affection but not material items, we don't do that..I read your blog and love your way of thinking, your faith and love of your religion and your family unit..If only others could do what you do many children would graduate with an AA degree and stay at home and go to the state university in our town and be prepared to meet the world, but of course they don't so I just pray & pray and read your blog delighting in your many blessings from the Lord and recommend your blog to everyone..Congratualtions to your daughter upon her soon to be high school graduation, AA and her new car, she certainly deserves it and more, she is so talented and wonderful just like HER MOM AND DAD, also take good care of yourself this year, get some rest and if I lived anywhere you do I would do your laundry for a solid month! ciao!XXX()()()()XXX()()()()

Anonymous said...

Princess congras you certainly deserve it with all that you have done and will do..An AA along with your high school diploma, wow wheeeeee...you are half way to your BS and you will probably get a Masters like your siblings did and are doing..wow whee, hip hip hoorah! It is because of your wonderful god loving parents, your Mother and Father you are so accomplished, sweet and educated...Kids who have parents who really care about them don't give them this and that at all, no they make them be responsible, loving and kind and love of the Lord as displayed by your faith LDS is a factor in your accomplishing so much because of your Mom and Dad! best of wishes to you in your many accomplishments you certainly will accomplish and at a young age...ciao!

LeAnn said...

I think you are very wise parents and your plan of help is a great plan.
I do admire how education is important to you. We feel the same way.
Blessings for your wisdom in this one!


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