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Jan 14, 2015

Guest Blog: "#newleaf" by Drama Queen and Curly

Change can be really hard.  It's hard to change our attitudes when we don't feel good.  It's hard to change how we treat others.  Sometimes its even hard to change our pants - especially if we're putting on skinny jeans.  But change can be really important.  There are good things that won't ever happen without change: like butterflies, students learning at school, and even ice cream when it gets frozen. 

This year our family is trying to make lots of changes.  For me (Drama Queen), my big change is to lose weight and get ready for a mission.  For me (Curly), my big change is to try to be more organized and help Sport keep our room clean.  The Beast had a big change - he got married to Beauty!  Bossy and Gamer had a big change too when they got sealed in the temple last week.  Princess is going to have a big change when she graduates high school in the spring.  Dog Walker is also going to graduate - he'll start going to a different college and maybe get a job, too!

There are so many good, good changes we can make, but those changes take a loooooot of work.  Drama Queen has really realized this this week as she has started to change the way she eats.  Ice cream is a lot of calories!!  It can be really hard to give up something you like, but in the end, you can get something you want even more - just like a caterpillar who has to work very hard to grow wings.   It probably isn't very fun to be a caterpillar in a chrysalis, but its important to move to a new stage in life.  That is why we make changes.  What changes are you making?  Use #newleaf 


Anna Banana said...

LOVE IT!!! I am trying to have gratitude for each member of my family every day this year. And to exercise and (the really hard part) eat less junk.

LeAnn said...

I see that you are all making some major changes; and it is all good. I loved reading about it all. You are such awesome individuals; amazing.
Blessings to you for a great blog post on change.


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